Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My mum’s days at Scalford School

By Poppy Shaw, Base 3

My mum went to Scalford School and this is what she told me about it:

We never used to wear uniform at school. There were only packed lunches, no hot dinners and Mrs Clemons made me eat my crusts. On the last day before the summer holidays we used to bring in a toy and play with it all day. And at school there used to be a tuck shop. We used to have 5p a day that bought us 5 sweets. There was only 2 teachers in school, one called Mrs Clemons and the other Mrs Godfrey . At school there was nothing to play on - the only thing you could do is run about and play tig. We used to go on trips to the seaside. Base 2 and 3 were together and there were no pencils on the fence outside school.

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